New ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted mobile computer VC70N0 from Motorola Solutions

vc 70 clear

The warehouse is the vital core of manufacturing and distribution operations. Every minute of every day, there is constant movement of materials in, out and through this crucial business area — from raw materials waiting to be assembled or manufactured into finished goods, to finished goods awaiting shipment to distributors, retailers or end-users. The efficiency of the many warehouse functions is critical to the health of your customer’s business. Anything less than peak efficiency threatens product quality, order accuracy and order delivery times — driving costs up and customer service levels down.

Our award-winning Industrial Design team engineered the VC70N0 to handle the unique requirements of forklift and other material handling vehicle applications. Its compact size fits easily on any warehouse vehicle, without blocking the operator’s view of their surroundings. There are multiple glove-friendly keyboards for application flexibility and easy data entry — even in the freezer.  As a result, your customers can boost driver productivity and safety in critical warehouse functions.

Building on the success of the VC5090 series, the new VC70 Product Family features the latest innovations in performance and rugged construction to provide maximum backward compatibility yet assure a high-powered, forward-looking platform for modern applications. In many cases, enhancements are the direct result from real-world feedback from customers and partners using and setting up warehouse management systems throughout distribution and logistics industries. The right-sized for all material handling vehicles The VC70N0 is right-sized for all material handling vehicles with its compact design improves operator visibility and safety while providing a large screen with plenty of room to display needed information operators need to improve task productivity and accuracy.

An ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted mobile computer The VC70N0 is designed for use in extreme warehouse environments, with a dust-and-water-tight IP66 sealing, rugged aluminum construction, freezer rating, sealed connectors and extreme shock and vibration testing.

A dual core 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 2GB of Flash memory and a user accessible micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB provide best-in-class performance for demanding applications .

The 10.4 in. 600 NIT bright XGA 1024x768 high resolution display (switchable to SVGA 800x600) is easy to view in nearly any lighting condition— from the warehouse aisles to the loading dock and yard. The high resolution display is ready for graphic-rich applications.

With multiple interface ports and support for Bluetooth, customers can choose the Motorola scanner that best meets their business needs — corded or cordless, 1D laser or 1D/2D imagers. Pairing a cordless scanner with the VC70N0 is easy: a user-facing pairing bar code printed directly on the VC70N0 lets users pair and connect a cordless scanner instantly. And regardless of whether customers choose to connect via a Bluetooth cordless scanner   (Motorola DS3578-ER) or via the serial port  to a corded scanner  (Motorola's LS3408-ER and DS3508-ER), the SCAN API provides developers with full control over scanner behavior in the application, allowing developers to fully utilize scanner features and simplify scanning functionality for end users.

The U-mount and compatibility with VESA 75 standard mounting enable easy mounting in the best possible location in sit down, standing and extended reach forklifts, pallet jacks, yard mules, yard trucks, airport tugs and more. With mounting compatibilities and adapter cables, the VC70N0 is designed to support easy migration from VC5090 and other vehicle-mounted terminals.

Heated touch screen to prevent from external condensation turning to frost on the display when the forklift is moving back to the freezer, a customer-replaceable desiccant to absorb any internal humidity and the sealed glove-friendly keyboards assures no loss of productivity even in tough freezer environment.