Motorola MP6000 - the first scanner/scale combination to use 2D barcode scanning in both the vertical and horizontal scanning planes

MP6000 clear png

The Motorola MP6000 scanner / scale combination offers aggressive scanning and minimal power draw, fantastic for grocers and other high volume retailers. Motorola built the MP6000 to future-proof your business, adding unique features to speed checkout and save space.

The MP6000 is the first scanner / scale combination to use 2D barcode scanning in both the vertical and horizontal scanning planes. These 2D barcode scanners have no moving parts, giving you near silent performance and minimal power draw compared to spinning prisms in traditional scanners. And because both scanners are 2D imagers, you can read 2D barcodes and barcodes on LCD screens with ease, fantastic for mobile coupon applications.

Mobile couponing and customer loyalty programs are giving customers tremendous convenience, and the MP6000 has been designed to leverage these programs with ease. An optional side-mounted 2D imager makes it easy for customers to scan mobile coupons without handing over their phone, giving them added peace of mind.

Motorola designed the MP6000 to cut your total cost of ownership tremendously. The 2D imagers lack moving parts, eliminating a potential failure point and operating with a potential lifespan of over 38 years. The sapphire glass on the horizontal scanning plane is scratch and wear resistant, significantly added to the MP6000's lifespan. Instead of continually running hot and power hungry prism motors, the MP6000's scanners only activate when they recognize a barcode then immediately shut off, cutting your power usage dramatically.