Zebra announced the DS7708 vertical slot scanner won award during the twelfth annual Channel Awards 2015

DS 7708 symbol


Zebra announced the DS7708 vertical slot scanner won award during the twelfth annual Channel Awards 2015 ceremony, held in Miami Beach, Florida on Nov. 4, 2015. The Channel Awards are an annual event recognizing the best technology products and services for the Latin American region. In the Imaging category, Zebra’s DS7708 vertical slot scanner won the Best Mobile Scanning Solution award.

VDC Research Only a few years ago 2D imagers were (wrongly) considered a niche technology mostly used for reading 2D bar codes. Now they are becoming the technology of choice for most bar code applications, and lasers are on the way to becoming a niche technology. The reasons: 2D imagers are as fast or faster than laser scanners, can read all the same bar codes as lasers plus 2D symbols that lasers can’t, and can do much more.


Today 2D imagers are a practical option for most mobile bar code reading applications, and their ability to take pictures, capture signatures and scan documents is attracting considerable interest because these features enable efficient new business processes.

2D imagers provide performance advantages today even if enterprises do not need to read 2D bar codes or use the additional functionality. These advantages include the ability to read more sizes and types of bar codes, very fast reading, and the convenience of not having to orient the reader to the bar code symbol.