The groundbreaking TC8000 warehouse mobile computer presented by Zebra Technologies

tc8000-zebra-nrf-2016      The groundbreaking TC8000 warehouse mobile computer was designed By Zebra Technologies from the ground up to increase worker productivity by 14 percent. The new scan angle eliminates the constant tilting that traditional designs require to view the screen, increasing productivity by 14%* through a 55% reduction in wrist motion and a 15% reduction in muscle effort.

   The super-rugged design is built for the challenging warehouse environment. With our most extreme impact ratings, the TC8000 operates reliably, even after 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 2.4 m drops to concrete.

   The TC8000 zebra is sealed, ready to handle jetting water and dust. And the TC8000 is built to handle constant temperature swings between extreme heat and cold — ideal in outside yards.

   With the largest battery in its class, the TC8000 has ample power for three shifts. The PowerPrecision+ battery also provides extensive battery metrics that make it easy to spot and retire aging batteries that can no longer hold a full charge. And the battery can be changed in seconds — without powering down. 

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