Introductory presentation "Scanning hardware"

Choosing Auto-ID hardware for your business is like choosing a new car-you want to receive optimal performance at the best price for your investment.

With a car, you need to consider factors like warranties, repair costs and anticipated usage. There is no sense in purchasing a sports car that won't hold all of your children, or signing a 12,000-mile/year lease when you average much more than that.

With the hardware, you need to consider similar aspects so that you choose the right tool for the job. That's particularly critical when that scanning technology investment is part of a mission-critical enterprise mobility solution.

Just as the same car is not ideal for every person, the same scanner is not ideal for every application. From devices that simply sit on a countertop and scan groceries, to scanners that capture images, there is a scanner for every environment imaginable. The key is finding the data capture solution that makes sense for your unique situation. The quick overview of scanning hardware you can find here Ознакомительной презентации с устройствами по считыванию штрих-кодов.